The Con-athon 2016 players, part 1: Kawaii Kon

Welcome to the starting line of Con-athon 2016, this year’s gauntlet of six major anime/sci-fi/fantasy/comic conventions on two islands and a whooooooole buncha smaller events in between. “Con-athon,” short for “con marathon,” started off as an internal reference among me and a few other friends and grew to the point that Gordon Rider/Ara-Rangers/Star-Advertiser “Calabash” cartoonist Jon Murakami and his lovely assistant, Gwen, printed up some T-shirts for a bunch of us who attended most, if not all, of those events, distributing them at last year’s “finish line” of Anime Matsuri Hawaii.


So yeah, it’s totally a thing.

Over the next few months or so — I was going to try to do these profiles over a week, but holy cats, this entry’s been brewing longer than the Ghibli Festival post — I’ll be profiling the key entrants in Con-athon 2016. Amazing Hawaii Comic Con, Comic Con Honolulu, HawaiiCon, Anime Ohana, Anime Matsuri Hawaii and a few other smaller events will get their turns in time. But of course, we must start with the con that’s staring at us in the face right now: Kawaii Kon.

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