MangaBento’s “Nakamaboko”: The first slice

IMG_9289Almost a month ago, on June 12, “Nakamaboko” opened in the gallery at the Honolulu Museum of Art School.

The annual exhibit by the anime/manga-inspired artist collective MangaBento is scheduled to come down at the end of this week. And guess what? Your friendly neighborhood anime/manga blogger is finally ready to report on it. And in a new way, at that!

See, one of the biggest obstacles in doing photo posts like these is that it takes a lot of time to go through photos, pick the ones that don’t make me wince and question why I ever thought I had any modicum of photography skill in the first place, and run them through what I like to call Adobe Photoshop Elements’ “prettify” filters. Then I have to place each picture in the post and write up something suitably snappy … and the more pictures I put into each post, the more that you, dear reader, has to scroll down and down and down and down on the same page. It just seemed so clunky, especially in this day and age where perfectly good online slideshow widgets and plug-ins exist. And with more photos than I’ve ever posted before on a single subject — so many, in fact, that I decided it would be best for me to write three separate posts on this exhibit —

So I went out, dug up an old Flickr account that I hadn’t touched in ages (seriously, the last pictures added to that account’s photostream were from two years ago), freshened it up a bit, and voila! Instant compact gallery-type goodness to play with.

A few notes before we begin: To start the slideshow, just press the “play” button in the middle of the frame below. Pause and restart using the button on the lower left. If you want a larger view, click on the icon on the lower right; in that full-screen view, you can also see the captions I’ve written for each picture (using the “Show Info” link) or slow down the automatic scrolling (using the “Options” link). Finally, if you’re viewing this blog on an iOS device (iPad/iPod Touch) and can’t view Flash plug-ins, or if you just want to skip all the slideshow fiddling and go straight to the gallery, here’s the direct gallery link:

That said, on to the first gallery! This one spotlights the gallery layout, a few special features and, of course, the sketch table.

Coming up next time: A selection of some of the pieces on display.

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