MangaBento’s “Nakamaboko”: The second slice

A Hawaiian Anime Day by Kristi AuyongWhen last we left off with our look at MangaBento’s “Nakamaboko” exhibit, we had taken a virtual tour of the gallery space and some of the most dominant elements in that space. This time around, the artwork on display takes the spotlight. I didn’t want to put everything that’s on display into this slideshow — that would take a while to cycle through, and time these days is quite precious, both for me in preparing these posts and you in reading them — but I hope these highlights I’ve chosen give you an idea of the talent level of the featured artists.

Oh yes, and as promised in the last gallery, there is, in fact, a picture of me trying out the interactive comic wall. If that isn’t incentive enough for you to browse through this slideshow, I don’t know what is.

Since this whole slideshow thing is still relatively new, here’s a refresher course on how best to use it: To start the slideshow, just press the “play” button in the middle of the frame below. Pause and restart using the button on the lower left. If you want a larger view, click on the icon on the lower right; in that full-screen view, you can also see the captions I’ve written for each picture (using the “Show Info” link) or slow down the automatic scrolling (using the “Options” link). Finally, if you’re viewing this blog on an iOS device (iPad/iPod Touch) and can’t view Flash plug-ins, or if you just want to skip all the slideshow fiddling and go straight to the gallery, here’s the direct gallery link: Enjoy!

Coming up next time: This wall, which deserves an entire post — well, a good chunk of an entire post, anyway, since it is going to be part of the weekly Cel Shaded Report, and there are other things I need to discuss — in and of itself.


Yup. The Comic Jam Hawaii wall. They contributed many pieces to “Nakamaboko.” And they’re going to be pretty busy drawing on Saturday, too…

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