Gude times together

Gudetama himself greets you at the entrance to the Ala Moana Eggs ‘n Things. Well, he would if he had the energy and drive to do so. Which he doesn’t. So he’s just kinda … there.

gude2Much has already been written about the special Gudetama menus at the three Eggs ‘n Things locations on Oahu. My fashionable foodie coworker Nadine Kam’s blogged about it. So has Thomas Obungen over at Frolic Hawaii. I’ve also seen a bunch of people posting their pictures of their experiences on the nation’s repository for food pics, Facebook. And now, your friendly neighborhood otaku blogger is bringing up the rear, posting pictures from his experience just as the promotion’s wrapping up this Friday.

What can I say? It’s been an interesting month.

So it recently came to pass that the Otaku Ohana Anonymous Director of Forced Social Interaction and I finally made our way to Eggs n’ Things — the Ala Moana branch; thanks; venturing anywhere in Waikiki makes my wallet nervous about how much it’s going to have to cough up in parking fees — to try the food for ourselves. Plus a portion of every sale goes to the Japan Society’s Kumamoto Relief Fund for victims of the April earthquakes, which is certainly a cause worth supporting.


… just remember, Gudetama doesn’t wake up until noon. (He always was a laid-back kind of egg.)

What you get for your money is a nice chunk of food. The “sleepy” menu, which the Director got, includes hot chocolate, a loco moco with egg (sunny side up or over easy) and a bacon blanket, and a pancake with lemon frosting, whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce. I don’t have any pictures of those, because, well, you know, anonymous Director is anonymous.

I ended up getting the “lazy” menu. It starts off with some iced coffee, topped with the same cocoa-stenciled whipped cream design as the hot chocolate.


The main dish is a burger with egg (which I got over easy), lettuce, tomato, bacon and fries. The burger is quite lovely beefy; the fries, nice and crispy.


…and I took home leftovers from that, because I had to save room for the pancake. I added some pink ribbon sprinkles for an extra dollar, because doing that kicks in a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in their battle against breast cancer. And supporting two causes in one meal is always a good thing.


All in all, it was a pleasant experience. There weren’t too many people for a weeknight, which meant we had enough plenty of time for staring at our phones and occasionally swapping them to share amusing Facebook posts pleasant conversation.

Now we just need someone to put together an Aggressive Retsuko karaoke package …

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