The great Ultra-log of Oahu Ultraman statues

016-Ultraman D2Stamp rallies featuring statues of pop-culture icons seem to be a popular way of promoting our island home to visitors from Japan as of late. Regular readers of this blog already know about the “Doraemon Wakuwaku Stamp Rally,” a promotion hosted by HIS Hawaii’s Lea Lea Trolley that placed 13 statues of everyone’s favorite blue gadget cat from the future at various locations between downtown and Kahala.  Since April, though, Doraemon’s had company on Oahu, with four 2.5-meter-tall (or a little over 8 feet tall, if you’re metric-averse) statues of Ultraman placed at various locations.

It’s part of “Ultra Hawaii,” a campaign hosted by Hawaii Tourism Japan in conjunction with Tsuburaya Productions, and it’s a pretty big deal. So big, in fact, that, as the official campaign canon goes, not only have Ultraman Taro and his parents come to visit the islands, so have two of Ultraman’s enemies, Alien Baltan and Pigmon. And they’re all happily taking pictures at Waimea Canyon together, lounging poolside, renewing wedding vows, taking surf lessons and doing pretty much all the fun touristy things that fun touristy types do.

Need proof of this harmonious alliance? Here’s the official promo video.

There are more videos where that came from. A lot more, shot on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii island — 24 in total. Among the media outlets that have covered this so far: RocketNews 24, Crunchyroll, Huffington Post, Comics Alliance, Japanator and the National Park Service’s Pacific island parks blog. Going forward, Erika Engle reported in today’s paper (subscription required; do read that article if you can, Ultraman fans) that Ultramen Leo, Tiga, Zero and Ginga will be part of the entertainment during the Pan-Pacific Festival June 13-15.

Of course, you know your friendly neighborhood anime/manga blogger had to get in on the coverage sometime. Coming off hunting down 23 Doraemon statues, finding four Ultraman statues — and perhaps learning more about the promotion in the process — should’ve been a snap. And it was … for the most part, anyway.

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