Even MORE on ‘Poppy Hill’: The unexpected venue

I thought I was done talking about From Up on Poppy Hill at least until next week’s Cel Shaded Report … that is, until fate and one of my few dozen loyal readers intervened, sending along a tidbit that I couldn’t possibly hold on to until next week.

This tweet came in from T.N., aka @ArcturusFlyer, Friday afternoon:


Here’s the website of the Laie Palms Cinemas. I know I’ve been working in news for close to 12 years now, but I completely missed the story about how this two-screen complex stayed in business after the last owner that I remembered for ’em, Wallace Theaters, left the island. But indeed, Don and Alice Nielsen took over in 2009, spruced up the place, started screening mostly G, PG and a few PG-13 movies, and they’ve managed to make a go of it ever since.

And now they’re screening Poppy Hill. Go fig. How cool is that?

So if you’re looking for a nighttime Poppy Hill screening — and don’t mind driving all the way out to Laie to do so and buying your tickets there, because you certainly aren’t going to find them on Fandango — it looks like the perfect opportunity has arrived. Looks like it’ll be there until Wednesday; here’s the schedule:

Saturday: 3:45, 6:45 and 9:45 p.m.
Sunday: Closed (being Laie, it’s to be expected; the whole town shuts down on Sundays, given its close proximity and ties to the Mormon Church there)
Monday-Wednesday: 6:45 and 9:45 p.m.

And, of course, it’s still screening at the Kahala 8 and Koolau Stadium 10 theaters. But you already knew that.